Otostick | Corrector for Protruding Ears

Unique across the world

Otostick is the simplest solution to ensure excessively protruding ears stops being a problem.

Otostick ensures your ears are where they are meant to be with its all-natural effect.

Clinically proven. Studies undertaken on babies and children from 6 months to 6 years old reveal the permanent corrective effect, working effectively in over 90% of cases.

Otostick and Otostick Baby are discrete, odourless and can be used continuously or at specific moments in time.

Unisex product.

How to position Otostick:

Let us show you how to easily attach Otostick and Otostick Baby.

Remember to follow each step of these instructions to make best use of these correctors.


Otostick Baby

With or Without Otostick, it´s your choice!

The simplest solution is Otostick.  You will be in focus, not your ears.

You will feel its immediate effect.

Invisible and without side effects.

Put them in place and Hey Presto!

User Opinions

Trust Otostick, others already have done!

Your opinion is very important to us. Help us to keep getting better!

  • Mercedes

    Hello! I’d just like to write and say thank goodness for Otostick! Although many people don’t realise, it is something that’s really changed my life. So, many thanks for making many people’s lives better. All the best.

  • Amazon Customer

    It’s effective and long-lasting. It remains in place properly after a week, and is even water-resistant! It’s a great product. I’ll definitely buy it again.

  • Malgorzata

    HI! How are you? I’m from Ecuador and, truth be told, I’m really grateful because Otostick has changed my life. I was always afraid of having a ponytail or going to the pool because I didn’t like my ears. Now that I use Otostick, I can have a ponytail and go to the pool, and I’m really happy . so, thank you.

  • Amazon Customer

    Good, comfortable, transparent, very useful – I feel great! A really good product for those who need it. Well done, Otostick.

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