The Company: Innovaciones Disras, S.L.


INNOVACIONES DISRAS, S.L.was founded in 2008 as a company dedicated to researching, developing, producing and commercialising high quality innovative solutions for the health sector (particularly for Pharmacies and Parapharmacies).

Otostick® Aesthetic Corrector is the result of the company’s desire to find a solution to the problem of prominent ears which affects a segment of the population, particularly children, and to the lack of products available on the market to solve this aesthetic problem.

Innovaciones Disras proposed a new solution: Otostick® – the result of years of rigorous research alongside technology centres and universities.

The product – Otostick® – helps to aesthetically, discreetly and painlessly correct excessive ear protuberance. This aesthetic corrector comprises a transparent, nearly invisible silicon prosthesis which is placed on the upper area of the ear and also attached to the head by means of sanitary tape. The product is hypo-allergenic and suitable for uninterrupted use.

INNOVACIONES DISRAS, S.L., is a Spanish company with its production centre in Don Benito (Badajoz). Aware of the environmental needs and accepting responsibility for such, the company was created as a Special Employment Centre to improve the quality of life of underprivileged sectors – most of the staff have some degree of disability.


The company has won various awards:

  • First prize for best Neex Project 2008– – New Company in Extremadura – promoted by Extremadura Council through the Department of the Economy, Commerce and Innovation and the Entrepreneur Enhancement Company.
  • First Prize in Excellence in Innovation 2010– from the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs.
  • <strongAccésit Social’ – ‘La Caixa’ Social Work Business Awards XXI 2012,, awarded by La Caixa and ENISA.
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