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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions our users may have about Otostick.

Yes, Otostick is 100% compatible with glasses, the arms of the glasses fit directly over the central connector of the Otostick.

Otostick correctors are suitable for children over 3 years of age. Otostick Baby can be used from 3 months old.

Otostick may be too large for some 3-6 year olds, the smaller Otostick Baby corrector may be a better fit for older children and some adults, it depends on each person and in particular the size of the ear and hardness of the cartilage.

 Otostick Baby is smaller, more flexible and fits perfectly on smaller, softer ears.

 Which Otostick corrector to use is ultimately your decision (always observing the minimum age of use of 3 months for Otostick Baby and 3 years for Otostick Original), as it depends on the characteristics of each user’s ears.

Yes, in babies and children aged between 3 months and 6 years. A 12-month long study carried out in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Primary Care Paediatrics showed a permanent corrective effect of Otostick, you can read more detail here:

Permanent correction at any age, especially in infants and children of early ages, depends a lot on several factors.

1.            The correct placement of Otostick.

2.            Consistency in the use of the product.

3.            The hardness of the ear cartilage.

4.            The type of skin, and its adaptability to external changes, such as the use of Otostick.

Immune responses can cause a change in the pH of the skin, either short-term or continuous, so things such as a simple cold, a high temperature or any type of short-term illness, including the teething period in babies, in all these cases the sticking ability of Otostick can be affected.

Apart from the specific situations explained in the rest of the questions, CORRECT PLACEMENT of Otostick is the most important factor to get the best performance from Otostick.

Each box contains 8 correctors, that is 4 pairs. In addition, Otostick Baby comes with a cap to prevent baby from pulling at their ears or accidentally removing the correctors as they are small and could present a choking hazard to babies and small children.

The usual duration is between 3 and 7 days, but we have clients who have found they can remain in place for up to 15 days.

When first using Otostick, there may be an “Adaptation Period”.  It can take time to find the best or most comfortable position to apply Otostick when you do not have enough practice or knowledge of all the steps to follow.

 For ears with the hardest cartilage, it may take longer to adapt to a position different, so it is often necessary to increase the time each corrector is in place gradually.

In addition to following all the application steps indicated, it is advisable to keep in mind that babies have a more variable skin PH, especially during periods of teething or illness. Also, when it comes to placing baby Otostick correctly, little ones are much more restless, in these cases it is advisable to place the correctors while baby sleeps.

Otostick is 100% resistant to water and sweat, if the corrector has been applied following all the optimal placement indications.

Once applied, we suggest you allow at least 4 hours before playing sports or wetting the corrector.

In the case of ears with a very hard cartilage, It is possible that the time wearing Otostick may have to be increased gradually, what we call an "Adaptation Period"..  For example, on the first use it is possible that you can wear the corrector 24 hours and then the ear begins to ache. If this happens remove the corrector and apply another the following day, you should find that it remains comfortable for longer. After a few days you will not notice that you are wearing it.

It should be clarified that this usually only happens in cases of hard cartilage, since it takes more to reposition it from its usual position.

We recommend moisturising the skin each time you remove Otostick, letting the area rest between 12 and 24 hours before applying another, and keeping it hydrated during this period. We recommend using a suitable hydrogel, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

After each break, hydrate the area, then clean well with an astringent cleanser (not a moisturising or crème-type) before applying a new corrector, ensure the skin is clean, dry and free of any oil or moisture.

1. Clean the area with an astringent product.  We recommend an alcohol-based cleanser, do not use moisturising or crème-type cleansers.

2.  Without removing the protective papers from the corrector, identify the exact point where Otostick is to be applied.

3. Remove the protective paper from the side that goes onto the ear and stick to the ear first.

4. Once Otostick is attached to the ear, remove the protective paper from the other side, and press the ear back against the head, taking great care not to leave hair underneath.

5. Hold the ear against the head firmly for a few seconds so that the adhesive adheres correctly.


1.  Once the corrector is glued and held down for a few seconds, press down around the edges with a fingertip or nail.

2.  Wait 4 hours from the time of application before:

•   Wetting the corrector.

•    Practicing sports or activities that involve sweating.

•   Wearing a mask or glasses, which may pull or rub the corrector.

3.  To remove the corrector, if you decide to remove it when it is still perfectly adhered: It is advisable to use a cotton bud dipped in olive or baby oil and bathe the edges of the corrector. Wait a few minutes for the oil to get under the edges of the corrector, removal will then be very simple, without any effort.

4.  Between the removal of a corrector and applying a new one, it is advisable to let the skin rest for a period of 12-24 hours. In this period of rest, hydrate the area with your usual moisturizing product.

5.  Although we have hydrated the area while resting: DO NOT FORGET THAT OILS AND GREASINESS ON THE SKIN ARE THE GREATEST ENEMY OF OTOSTICK. Therefore, when we apply  the next corrector, we must make sure that we the area is 100% free of grease and oils by cleaning it very well again with an astringent cleanser (such as 70º alcohol).

As the shape and size of each ear is totally different:

OTOSTICK® is indicated for all users from three years of age.

OTOSTICK® BABY, is indicated from three months. Depending on the size of the ear and in the event that OTOSTICK® after placement is too large for the user, OTOSTICK® BABY can be used regardless of the age of the user.


Otostick Baby is a corrector for prominent ears, made of silicone and medical adhesives, which adheres to the ear and the adjoining part of the head, optimizing the position of the ear and specifically of its cartilage, so that it develops into a less prominent position.

Otostick Baby is small, very flexible and adapts perfectly to the ears of babies aged from 3 months.

A 12-month long study carried out in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Primary Care Paediatrics showed a permanent corrective effect of Otostick children aged between 3 months and 6 years.


It is during the growth and development phase of the ears when the cartilage is flexible enough to be able to adapt its position. Otostick Baby is a product designed to do this without surgery.

The product is useful as a preventive method in the first months of the baby's life when due to the lack of strength in the neck, they drag the head leaving the ear completely bent forward finally producing a forced separation of the ear. In this case the use of baby Otostick prevents the cartilage from bending.

The creator of Otostick is a Spanish woman, Francisca Gamero Pérez.

Francisca was looking for a solution to correct the excessive prominence of her young daughter's ears. She identified that this problem was due to the posture that the ears adopted when the little girl slept. She looked for an effective solution but found  nothing. From that moment on, Francisca began to create a product that was comfortable, discreet and offered a real solution. With the help of the Universities of Extremadura and Alicante, in addition to the knowledge of numerous experts in adhesives and engineering, she created Otostick, an aesthetic corrector that provides an effective solution for prominent or protruding ears.

INNOVACIONES DISRAS, S.L. was established in 2008 as a company dedicated to the research and development of innovative and high quality solutions for the health sector, with manufacture and sale of products aimed at the pharmaceutical and dermoaesthetic sector.

• Otostick, manufactured in Spain, is a globally unique aesthetic corrector, PATENTED and with the Otostick brand registered internationally.

• We comply with the legislation in force in each country, Certified as Medical-Sanitary Device Class I by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), the European Directives on the Manufacture of Sanitary Products and FDA.

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