Approximately  5% of the population has prominent ears, i.e. their ears protrude. This fact may be somewhat uncomfortable in particular situations. So, Otostick was born: to help people with protruding ears who need a device to lessen the effect.

Otostick is a product which is intended to help reduce ear protrusion. It is a non-invasive technique whose results are particularly good in children. Surgery – otoplasty – is the alternative to Otostick. Otoplasty is the most common surgical operation performed on minors. The reason is simple: we live in an age where image counts and everyone wants to look as good as possible (even children). Today, we wish to speak about both alternatives.

  • This is definitive: you are operated on and no more protruding ears.
  • It is not recommended for anyone under 6.
  • In many cases, the result is not definitive and further surgery is required.
  • You need to have a bandage around your head for four to five days for it to be properly effective.
  • Scarring: as this is surgery, it requires cutting and leaves a scar.
  • Future otoplasty may be prevented for children through continuous use of this product.
  • It can be used from the age of three months.
  • Each dressing lasts 3 to 4 days.
  • It does not irritate, is almost invisible and can be worn in the shower.
  • Otostick is hypo-allergenic: it causes neither irritation nor allergies.

Otostick is an easy, practical and comfortable way to the effect of prominent ears. If you are thinking of having an ear operation, Otostick may be very helpful to check the effect or be totally convinced that surgery is necessary. It can also be used post-op and means you do not need to bandage your head. Various surgeons recommend Otostick for Otoplasty post-op care.

If you are a woman with long hair who covers her ears, now you do not need to worry if you want to wear your hair up. Otostick can be used on particular, special occasions. This is just the same as using a flash ampoule or contacts, if you wear glasses. Otostick is a good option to bear in mind if you do not wish to face something as considerable as surgery to correct protruding ears.

Discover Otostick and tell us about it – we’d like to hear your story!

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