Otostick Characteristics

Otostick Shelf-Life

On average, Otostick lasts for 3 to 7 days, depending on the characteristics of the skin type.

As with other corrector-type products, in some cases Otostick requires a short adaptation period. This may be for two different reasons:

The characteristics of the cartilage, in particular its firmness, may require a short period to adapt the cartilage to a new position.

The lack of initial experience, which impedes placing the corrector in the precise place on the ear.

With Otostick Baby, there are certain periods when babies present with alterations to the natural state of their skin (e.g. in the pH or lowered defences arising from temporary situations) which may temporarily reduce the time the corrector stays attached to the skin.

Carefully read the instructions on how to attach the corrector or watch the video that you can find here.