Over 60,000 units have already been sold. Both children over the age of three and adults can use this product.

Francisca Gamero was obsessed with her little daughter’s ears, which would bend and protrude from her head when she slept. At first, she used plasters to hold them in place, but an idea began slowly to take shape until it became this product which has now sold over 60,000 units in pharmacies across Spain.

This housewife wanted to find an alternative to the classic plaster. This obsession with her daughter’s ears and an entrepreneurial bent came together in Disras – the company that makes Otostick (little silicone prosthetics which correct ear position) – which provides employment for nine people in Don Benito.

Otostick is a small, transparent adhesive prosthesis which can keep the ear correctly positioned, holding it against the head thanks to its ergonomic shape. It is made from hypo-allergenic materials and is possible through collaboration with the University of Alicante. As its creator explains, it can be used by children from the age of three, though adults can also use it.

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