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  • 3.1 General
  • The user is obliged to use the Portal correctly in accordance with the Law and the present Legal Disclaimer. The User shall respond before the Company or third parties for any damages caused as a consequence of non-fulfilment of said obligation..

  • 3.2 Contents
  • The User is committed to using the Contents per the Law and the present legal Disclaimer, in addition to the other conditions, regulations or instructions that may be applicable under the provision of clause 1.

    In accordance with the current legislation, though not limited to the same, the User must abstain from:

    • a.- Reproducing, copying, distributing, making available, publicly communicating, transforming or modifying the Contents unless authorised by law or when expressly agreed to by the Company or the owner of the exploitation rights, where appropriate.
    • b.- Reproduce or copy the Contents for personal use which may be considered Software or Database per the current legislation on intellectual property, in addition to making the same public or providing the same to third parties when these acts necessarily imply reproduction by the User or a third party.
    • c.- Extract and/or reuse all or a significant part of the integral Contents of the Portal, or the databases which the Company makes available to Users.
  • 3.3 Information collection forms
  • Notwithstanding the details of the Legal Disclaimer for the Data Protection Act, the use of certain services or requests made of the Company are conditioned by prior completion of the corresponding User form.

    All the information provided by the User through the forms on the Portal for the aforementioned or any other purposes must be truthful. To this end, the User guarantees the truthfulness of all information provided and will maintain the information provided to the Company fully updated such that it corresponds to the User’s real situation at all times. In any case, the User bears full liability for false or inexact statements made and the damages caused to the Company or third parties by said information provided.

  • 3.4 Inserting links to the Portal
  • Any Internet user wishing to insert links from their own websites to the Portal must fulfil the conditions given below, whereby a lack of awareness of the same does not impede any liability arising from the Law.

    • The link must only be to the homepage of the Portal and may not reproduce the same in any way (inline links, text copied, graphics, etc.)..
    • In any case, it is forbidden, per the applicable legislation at all times, to create frames of any type that encompass the portal or allow its Contents to be viewed from Internet addresses other than those of the Portal and, in any case, when viewed together with content not from the Portal such that: (I) users are, or may be, tricked, confused or deceived about the true origin of the service or Contents; (II) it comprises an act of unfair comparison or imitation; (III) it serves to profit from the reputation of the brand and prestige of the Company; and (IV) it is in any way forbidden under current legislation.
    • On the website from which the link is emanating, there should be no false, imprecise or incorrect statements about the Company, its partners, employees or clients, or the quality of service provided.
    • At no time will it say that the Company has expressly given permission for the link to be added to the page where said link is located, or that the Company in any way sponsors, collaborates with, checks or oversees the services provided by the addresser.
    • It is forbidden to use any word, graphic or mixed mark or any other distinguishing marks of the Company on the addresser’s website except where permitted by law or expressly authorised by the Company. Where this is permitted, the direct link to the Portal is in accordance with the form established in this clause.
    • The page that creates the link must be in strict compliance with the law and may not at any time have or link to their own or third party content which: (I) is unlawful, harmful or a breach of ethics and good practices (pornographic, violent, racist, etc.); (II) leads, or may lead, the User to the misconception that the Company endorses, backs, adheres to or in any way supports the lawful or unlawful ideas, statements or expressions made by the addresser; (III) proves inappropriate or is not pertinent to Company activity with reference to the place, contents or topics on the addresser’s website.


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